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Sunday, May 29, 2016


I sit here and stare at my 6 day old fresh little babe. His siblings playing outside. His Daddy cleaning up the dinner mess... And I'm so overwhelmed with love. I'm feeling all the post baby feelings. My body feels like it's ran a marathon... sore and achy from my c-section, and as of today I officially feel like a human milk machine, and one thing is FOR SURE... I am so blessed. I spent so much of my pregnancy torn between trying to savor it, and praying the days would pass quickly because most days I was quite miserable. It's so funny how you can want something to end, and the second it is over you kinda want it back. We are pretty certain Brooks is our last baby, and I'm already trying to remember every detail and every ounce of his pregnancy and birth. I never want to forget. I never want to forget the 5 months of extreme sickness. The first tiny little kicks. How ginormous my belly got, and for MONTHS people asking me how much longer I had left. The day we found out he was a boy. My sweet Luke taking care of his sick mama for 9 months. Seeing the sweetest little face in our ultrasound. The final couple of months where I literally thought my body was going to break and I was itchy and nauseous, and so ready to meet my guy. The good and the bad. I want to remember it all. It's such an honor and a privilege to carry a baby, and I'm so thankful my body allowed me to do this four times. 

The feeling of being "done" having babies is so bittersweet. It took up 9 years of my life... The absolute best years... and I am so excited to end the "baby chapter" by soaking up every second of this angel. I want to hold him too much, and smell him every chance I get. I want to neglect laundry and dishes just to stare at his sweet face. I want to enjoy him and this last baby stage to the fullest extent. This time will end all too soon, and I want to embrace all of it. 

Welcome to the world my sweet little Brooks! So glad it was you all along. You complete us. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Lennon turns 3

I can't believe my baby is 3! Seems like she was just born, but also seems like she has been in our family forever. We definitely don't remember life without this sweet thing, that's for sure. 

Oh Lennon, where do I begin?! So much sass and personality crammed into one little person! I adore this girl more than words can ever say. She is a little chatter box. She has the most amazing memory and will quote movie lines and sing song lyrics all day. She is a girly girl as they get! She wants nails painted, lip gloss on, dress up, and the frozen soundtrack 24/7. She is 3 going on 16! 

She is such a little mommy and is always repeating what I say -aka- trying to boss her brothers around. She can't wait to be a big sister and she greets my belly every morning and shows so much love to this baby who she has never seen. She loves to make us laugh and knows when and how to be funny. Sometimes I wish she had her own reality show. She is IN LOVE with her Daddy and tells me every day she wants to marry us both. She is obsessed with bath time and water and I just know once it's warm enough out that she will be our little fishy. She's a tough little thing, and She's not afraid of anything at all. (Sometimes I wish she would be a little more cautious). 

We just took her beloved paci away a few days ago and it has been such a rough week. Not much sleep for mama. She is legitimately like a junkie who needs her fix. It's the saddest thing, but I know in a few weeks it will be so much better.

We love you our little Lenny love! Happy 3rd birthday to "my best girl"  

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Proud mama

Both of the boys got awards at school a couple of weeks ago. 

Our little LuLu got student of the quarter. We are SO SO proud of him. He got a new teacher in January and he has struggled a bit with the change. He was begging everyday to be home schooled and was crying almost every day when I would drop him off. My heart was BROKEN! So when we found out he was getting the soaring eagle award we were thrilled. He didn't know he was getting it until the day of and it brought his little confidence up a ton. He was so excited and proud. We couldn't be more proud of him!! 

Our little Q got an award for meeting his accelerate reading goal. There school is very big on reading and the kids get goals that they try and meet every quarter. He was working his little booty off to meet that goal, and he finally did it! He was SO HAPPY! 

It's such a great feeling as a mother to see my kids doing things that not only make us proud, but that make them proud of themselves. I'm a proud mama! Keep working hard and trying your best, boys! You are both doing so great! 


10 years

10 years ago today I vowed to love this man forever. For better or for better or for worse. (It took us a long time to realize that the better usually comes after the worse.) Man how I loved him then... and to think its only a fraction of how much I love him now. 

5 years into our marriage things fell completely apart. We spent many months apart from each other, and the thing that brought us back together was realizing that we had to fight FOR each other instead of against each other. We have known struggle, defeat, heart ache, and loss, but we have also seen the incredible rainbow that comes after those storms. 

We have learned that love requires a sweet mixture of sacrifice, understanding, and grace... Lots and lots of grace. Jonny, you compliment me in the most beautiful way. I know we have made many mistakes these past 10 years, but for every mistake lies 100 things we did right. I am so grateful for this life we have created together. Love you to the moon!

Years ago we talked about going to Hawaii for our 10 year (or something really cool like that)... Then time just kinda crept up on us and I got pregnant and yeah, you get it. No Hawaii this year, but we did have dinner at a delicious restaurant, Echo & Rig. We ate our weight in steak and potatoes and dessert. So dang good! And we had the funniest thing happen. We ordered a $100 steak by accident. It was freaking huge and so good though. Most expensive steak I have ever had! We laughed so hard about it. No better way to spend our special day! 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hey 2016!

We rang in the new year (for the first time in YEARS) with friends and a yummy dinner. We seriously laughed so hard and ate so much food. On New Year's Eve Day my mom and I took the kids for a fun movie date. Pretty good way to start the new year I would say! 2015 was so good to us, and we are soooo excited for what 2016 has in store. The biggest thing being that we will get to meet our sweet baby! We can't wait. Happy New Year! 

Christmas time!

What a fun December! Santa party, magical Forrest, Quinn's holiday performance at school, Christmas Eve at church, kids singing in the Christmas choir, salon party and gift exchange, our Leavitt family gift exchange, and of course Christmas Day! This Christmas was so special because Jon didn't have to work. He has worked the past few years and it was such a treat to have him home with us. The top gifts this year were FROZEN everything, drums for our music man Luke, and lots of spy gear and snowboarding lessons for Quinn. Jon and I decided not to exchange gifts because we are going to go shopping (hopefully this week) and get a few things for the house that we both want. My heart is full looking back at these photos. I'm so grateful for the gift Of our savior, for my sweet little family, and for the friends we have been blessed with. This is what it's all about!