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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Back to school dinner

This year we made a special back to school dinner for these sweet boys. Steak is their favorite, so that's what Daddy grilled up. We got to talk about the upcoming school year and talked about what they are excited about and also nervous about. We said a special prayer that they would be protected and learn lots and make good choices. Love this new tradition ❤️ so proud of these boys 

Stay cation

One of our good friends found out we wanted to do a stay cation with the kids and gifted us 2 nights on the strip in a suite. We were shocked and so grateful and SO EXCITED!! We took the kids and stayed 2 nights at the Paris. We had a great time besides them seeing naughty things on the strip! And also besides me almost getting in a fist fight with a drunk girl who rammed into Quinn and hit him in the head. We'll save that story for another day... Haha. Thank you sweet friend (you know who you are) for blessing us with the best 2 days ever! Totally made our summer. 

Checking in 

Luke was obsessed with this chandelier 

First things first... Jacuzzi tub!! 

Out to dinner at planet Hollywood 

Face timing Mimi to show her the room. Brooks was excited ☺️

This guy slept so good!

4 McNuggets 

Breakfast in bed. Such a treat 


Playing tourists 

Bellagio conservatory 

Water show! 

 Leaving hotel to go home 

Lennon taking selfies at dinner 

See ya later "real Las Vegas"

Summer part 2

We held on to every single last bit of summer that we could. We spent a lot of time at home since Brooks was just a new baby, but looking back we also had a ton of fun and made the most of it! We managed to stay healthy all summer long which was a HUGE win!! So long summer... We can't wait to see you next year! 

National ice cream day with ice cream cones, of course! 

Pool night 

This girl loves her baby 

Shower at the pool because I'm classy like that 

Homemade pizza night!

Dinner with the Obergs

Took the kids to flippin out 

Daddy and his babe 

Quinn was the best helper all summer with Brooks 

In the longest line EVER at in n out and baby was screaming his head off so big brother rescued him 

Freshly bathed ❤️


Summer monsoon. Our favorite!

This guy is all smiles all the time 

First trip to ikea!

Chores! (They will thank me later)

Out to dinner 

Worst dinner ever at Red Robin, so we went home and had lots of ice cream to make up for it 

Those cheeks though 


Lunch with Harper and Stefanie! 

Lunch with Grandma White 

Date with my Quinn 

First eye exam... Lookin great! 

Family dinner 

Date night! 

Last night in Mimi's house before she moved 


Night before school starts!