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Friday, June 24, 2016

Adult Disney trip

Say what?! You heard me right. We went an on adult only Disneyland trip and lets just say this.... Every Disney loving parent needs to do this at least once in their life. We had SO MUCH FUN! Of course there were moments when we wished our kids were there, but man... If I could do this once a year I SO WOULD. Cant believe this fun trip was almost a year ago. Time flies! Time to plan the next one... 

(This also happened to be during the 3 week period that I had the worst hair of my life) 

Cocktail at Disneyland?! Ok! 

1st time eating at Carthay Circle. So yummy!

Day 2!

Real men wear matching Disney shirts 

Group selfie 

Such a great time with this crew! So many laughs and memories 

Mikes face... Best picture of the entire trip. This grown man was terrified of akat every single ride! We are still teasing him about it. 

This girl painted this amazing Mickey portrait in 30 seconds with water! Where does Disneyland find these talented people?! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Little snow boarder

For the longest time Quinn has been obsessed with the idea of wanting to learn how to snow board. For Christmas he got a bunch of snowboard gear and then in January Uncle Carlin and Aunt Gicela made his dreams come true and took him up to Mt Charleston to teach him. He had the time of his life!! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I am clearing out photos on my phone and finding so many that I forgot to blog... So, catch up time! In March I took a 48 hour trip to Sandiego with one of my best girl friends, Kelly. We went for the Queen Bee craft night! It was so quick, but so fun! Right when we got off the plane we hit up the Farmers market with her sister in law Beth. We sampled tons of yummy things and I even got Kel to try Kombucha for the first time. She hated it.  

We went to a delicious lunch on the water with her family and then later that night headed to the craft night. What a great night! We got to meet the amazing Heidi Swap! She is such a gem. She got up and spoke about the importance of creating a beautiful home (because that's why we're were all there..to make pretty things)... and of course it made me bawl my eyes out. Hormones! I had been feeling guilty about leaving my kids for the weekend, and once I heard her talk I knew in my heart that it was ok I was there, and more than that it reminded me that I needed that weekend! Time with a girlfriend, time to myself, time to create pretty things and eat yummy food. And even better when your friend was on weight watchers but still insisted on buying the biggest pastry basket EVER, and made me sample them all. I didn't complain! Ha!  Best 48 hours ever! 

Boho bash

A couple months before I had Brooks my sweet friends threw me a boho themed baby shower. I tried to fight the idea of having a shower for baby #4, but they insisted since the day I told them I was pregnant.  I'm so grateful and glad that they did, because it was just what baby and I needed. It's no secret that I struggled through my pregnancy with Brooks, and that day lifted my spirits and had me feeling like I was on cloud 9. It made everything feel so real and had me so excited to finally meet my boy. There's nothing better than celebrating the birth of a baby, and I will forever remember that day as one of the most special days in my life. 

Every little detail was so perfectly planned out for this shower. My friends truly went above and beyond, and it was one of the most special days I have ever been a part of. I felt so loved and cared for during those few hours, and the love is still deep in my bones. To have this group of women that I can share my life with is such a blessing. Not only were they there for me during my pregnancy ... bringing meals to us, helping with my other kids, etc but they have continued to show our family so much love since B has been born. I thank God every day for these girls that I get to do life with. They are truly some of life's greatest treasures. 

Pregnant with Brooks.

Just a few (or a lot) of my pregnant with Brooks photos so I can remember it ALL! What a ride! I would do it 100 times again for this sweet angel baby. 

Mirrored belly selfies!

Sissy practicing nursing her baby ❤️

I had to get IV's about every 4 days for the first 4 months because of hyperemisis. I was SO.SICK

Spent many days laying on this bathroom floor. 

First time I left the house in months was to go to thanksgiving dinner. I was still pretty sick but it was nice to get out. 
Another IV...

This sweet face was so worth it!!

We had the gender sealed up to open at Disneyland, but we couldn't wait!! We held onto for a week and the suspense about killed me. Jon didn't want to find out at all what we were having, but I just couldn't wait. We were shocked when we saw it was a boy. I thought for sure it was a girl! 

Last Disney trip as a family of 5

Always pregnant... :)

The most beautiful maternity photos. 32 weeks pregnant 

Practicing for her baby brother 

Ladies tea with my mama and huge belly

Salon work days were looooong and exhausting, but I had lots of help from Jon and the sweetest co-workers!

36 weeks pregnant having lots of contractions... Sent home

At home with fever, puking, and cholestasis. My water broke a few days after this 

I was so itchy at the end I pretty much always had my belly out.